Why You Should Stop What You’re Doing And Watch ‘Ballet for ALL KIDS’ Today

Special Needs

I have a brief history with dance, like an on-again off-again love affair which began in the 80s and which I still can’t shake. There are pictures of me in lemon yellow satin with red fringe from dance recitals at age six. My daughter occasionally runs through the living room with a white feather boa […]

How A Few Parents Are Ruining Youth Sports For All Of Us

Teens Tweens

Youth sports are about teamwork. They’re about cooperation, camaraderie, trying and failing and trying again. Learning the value of hard work. Learning the value of loss. Picking yourself up from the dust. Persistence. Fair play. Kindness.   But wait — apparently youth sports are about winning and scholarships, bitches, and don’t you forget it. At […]

30 Reasons The Great Smoky Mountains Should Top Your Family Vacation List


There’s a reason Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most-visited park in the nation. With 800 miles of trails, lush forests, waterfalls, and scenic views, there’s no doubt that this place is awesome. Between the park and its surrounding tourist-friendly towns, there’s truly something for everyone here — from your headstrong toddler to your […]