Jennifer Lawrence Is Taking a Year Off from Acting to Focus on Activism

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Jennifer Lawrence is making a big change—over the next year, the multi award-winning actress won’t be working on any new movies. Instead, Lawrence plans to focus on activism, and encouraging young people to become more engaged with politics. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, while promoting her latest movie Red Sparrow, Lawrence said, “I’m […]

Sally Field Tried To Set Her Son Up With Adam Rippon And The Internet Can’t Handle It


Image via Amin Mohammad Jamali / Jim Spellman / Getty Sally Field pretty much wins it all. She has been in all the best movies (hi, Mrs. Doubtfire), is a fierce advocate for women’s health rights, and just seems like a generally delightful person to be around. Oh, and she also has the least amount […]

Fifth Grader Vows To ‘Protect His Friends’ During Active Shooter Drill


Kids today have a lot of the same worries we did as children — homework, grades, fitting in, making friends. But there is an entire other level to being at school for them; namely, is someone going to come into their school with the intention of shooting as many people as they can. Mother Tanai […]

Florida Shooting Survivor Takes On Trump And The NRA: ‘We Call BS!’


Image via RHONA WISE/AFP/Getty Images Emma Gonzalez. Remember that name. Because this 17-year-old high school student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas –along with her fellow classmates and peers — will change the world. During a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Gonzalez gave a passionate speech directed at U.S. lawmakers, pleading for them to reevaluate gun control laws […]

The Parkland Shooting Made Me Relive My Sister's Death at Sandy Hook. This Didn’t Have to Happen Again.


Courtesy of Carlee Soto Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Not again. That’s what runs through my mind as the breaking news alert flashes on my phone that there has been yet another school shooting. This time a high school in Florida, where 17 people were murdered and more than a dozen others injured. In an […]

I Want To Teach My Children To Love America, But Not This America

The Issues (WTF, America?)

Jordan Parks Photography / Getty Images I love my country. I love the beauty of its diverse landscapes as well as its diverse people. I love the ideals of a representative government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I love the well-planned balance of powers within our government, and the freedoms […]

My Husband Isn’t My Best Friend, And This Is Why

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There are lots of predictable occurrences in life. You can pretty much bet that if you straighten your hair or wash your car, it’s going to rain; or that Googling any number of random symptoms, no matter how minor, will convince you that you’re afflicted with a life-threatening illness. And when someone posts a Facebook […]