6 Reasons ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is Better Than Ever


I first fell in love with Schitt’s Creek last year. With three seasons available for streaming, I jumped in and quickly binge-watched to my heart’s content. In fact, not since Arrested Development or The Office had I fallen in love with a show like I did with Schitt’s Creek. When Season 4 was released a few weeks ago, I […]

As A Newly Divorced Woman, This Is What I Want My Married Friends To Know

Divorce Friendship

I heard the way you quickly changed the subject when Valentine’s Day came up. I saw how you wiggled out of your husband’s embrace the moment I walked in the door. I noticed that you don’t bring up your marriage issues around me anymore. Divorce creates a surprising number of ripple effects that stretch beyond […]

Here’s Why Pooping During Childbirth Is Actually A Good Thing

Babies Labor & Delivery

RealCreation / Getty Images Sure, not everyone has the illustrious experience of dropping a deuce while pushing a baby out of their vagina. But the experience is definitely something that lots of women can relate to (and listen up, mamas: it’s totally nothing to be ashamed of). And even women who don’t actually poop while […]

How You Can Stand Out When Running a Retail Based Store

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The world of retail is extremely competitive and the competition continues to intensify with the added competition of online stores. Standing out from the competition can be done in a variety of ways to help grow a retail business. Not all types of retail stores can use the same strategy to stand out as certain […]